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I'm a Writer That Isn't Reading Enough

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

I know you're probably wondering what kind of oxymoronic clickbait statement is this. And, my answer is that it's the kind made by a woman who hasn't exactly had her life (read: priorities) right as of late. Meanwhile, the typical social-media/the-world-is-on-fire vacuum has been doing its job really well - and the result is that my brain drain is massive.

I don't have the attention span of a squirrel these days, but my list of TBR books is growing exponentially. And, as if that weren't bad enough, I'm also a visual artist who isn't getting out of the house to experience art or culture nearly as much as I would like. The shame is real!

Honestly, I am being a little clickbait-ey, though, because I've been writing this post while sitting outside the closing reception for the Larry Walker Retrospective at MOCA GA; I've enjoyed perusing his later works for the past two+ hours; And, I just started reading a new book! What I should say is that this great afternoon of books and art is the result of a serious Come-to-Jesus-Moment earlier this week when I finally stopped claiming that my struggles with reading more often (or attending more arts events) were because of any shortage of time.

I had to accept the idea that, really, I'm just not scheduling and prioritizing my reading/arts time very well. I feel like there was a time when I didn't NEED to schedule my reading, it just happened, but those days are long gone. Now, between work responsibilities, family & home commitments, volunteering for other orgs, and yes my internet brain-drain, I'm lucky to get in 10 minutes of reading per day. Which means, I have to plan ahead!

If I don't write down a specific time for reading or Arts outings (the same way I schedule and write down my other appointments) I'll never get it done. So, today was my pre-planned day for art. My goal is to visit at least one exhibit per month and read for at least one hour each day. Y'all feel free to help keep me accountable!

In the meantime, get into these images from some of my favorite pieces at the Walker exhibit today!

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