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A Fresh Start - With Some Old Loves.

Ideas are like rabbits.

You get a couple and learn how to handle them and pretty soon you have a dozen. - J.S.

Wut if Br'er Rabbit Wur Uh 'Ooman? - Me.

I Have a Thing for Rabbits.

One could almost call it an obsession - but, a very healthy one, to be sure. Once, in a past life, I started a blog called RabbitsInMyMind. It's still floating around here somewhere on Toni Morrison's internet. But, in general, it went the way of most novice blogs when you haven't figured out the power of your own voice. I hadn't figured out the power of my own voice. This new iteration still features my long-eared friends, but it acts as a hybridized newsletter and blog in one (because everything I do just has to have some hybrid aspect to it, apparently!). I don't plan to post too often, but hopefully just enough to keep folks interested in my latest projects, ideas, and general happenings. Enjoy!

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